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HAPPEE Hour Revolutionizes the Workplace by Re-Imagining Happiness


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Re-Imagine the workplace. Re-Imagine what it means to build a rockstar team. Re-Imagine what "happy employees" really means. Re-Imagine how we share these best practices. Re-Imagine happiness.

Revolutionize the Workplace by Re-Imagining HAPPINESS
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A Message from Your Host...
Hello Happiness Advocate,

Let's do this...together! I believe it's time that we re-imagine the way we share best practices. If you are like most busy professionals, you have been to your fair share of "networking events." You know that they are an amazing way to get knowledge for your industry and interests, but things have changed. Times have changed. So, isn't it time that we change too? 

It's true - networking is a great source to meet other colleagues, to share challenges and to get break-through ideas. I know! I've been there! No matter what industry I found myself in, I always sought out a local networking group to get my foot in the door, learn new knowledge, and meet incredible people. I was even a Regional Manager for an International Women's Networking company. So I saw all the good that comes from networking groups from the outside and the inside. 

There's just one problem...

They are limited. 

These groups are limited to just your city, or even just your part of town. 

They are limited by your schedule - you have to devote several hours to get to the event, network, engage, and then drive back to work. 

They are limited to quality content as the group will only source speakers from the local market. 

They are limited to quality connections. After all, the only other colleagues that attend are within your market, often your competitors. 

...But I have good news! There is a better way! 

This is why I started HAPPEE Hour! I wanted a way to bring in the best speakers, the best content, and an ability to network with other professionals from all over the world! 

HAPPEE Hour is a virtual event that is only 30-45 minutes. It's a way to bring together HR Professionals, CEOs, VP, & Wellness Directors in a quality-packed environment. We source the best speakers, and you get the ability to connect with deep conversations on an individual basis during this HAPPEE Hour...thanks to the gift of technology! 

We talk about how to develop an insanely happy workforce and workplace. We pull in positive psychology to give you the best of the best ideas for your employees! 

So, if you're looking for Re-Imagined Networking group that will give you wellness tips, corporate culture ideas, and healthy promises for your team, you've found it! 

Register for our next HAPPEE Hour!

See you soon, 

Amy Dix
Positive Psychology Practitioner
CEO, Choose-Happy

What You Will Learn On This HAPPEE Hour
Secret #1: Get the Latest Ideas on What's Really Working in Corporate Wellness
Secret #2: Avoid Burned-Out, Over-Worked Employees
Secret #3: Quickly Build Up Team Members to be Dynamic, Happy Leaders
Secret #4: Network with Other Happiness Advocate Leaders Around the World
During this HAPPEE Hour, you'll discover how the 'science of happiness' can have an impact in your workplace, decipher what's really working in the corporate wellness space, and even immediately apply and teach these practices to your team!
Heck, you may even connect with out business professionals from across the globe to learn what's working for them!
In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this free HAPPEE Hour Mastermind:

  • Makes It Easy To Crush Your Employee Wellness Goals For 2021...
  • Gives You The Latest Ideas On What's Really Working In Corporate Wellness...
  • The Real SECRET For Happiness In The Workplace...
  • ​Effortlessly Apply The Science Of Happiness With Your Employees...
  • ​Escape The Stress Of Dealing With Unhappy Employees...
... and much, MUCH More!
Don't miss this free HAPPEE hour mastermind where you can Discover The Secrets To A Happy Workplace.
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